Vision 2029 Overview

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In 2009, Australian cotton industry leaders recognised that the industry needed a clearer plan for the future and saw the potential for a shared vision to be created to enhance the industry’s performance, collaboration and capacity.

The purpose of developing a shared vision was to enable the industry to recognise future challenges and opportunities, and most importantly, align its thinking and its planning – working together to plan for the future. 

As a result, the Vision 2029 project commenced. A collaboration between CRDC, Cotton Australia and the Australian Cotton Industry Council, the Vision 2029 project had a reference group of representatives from these organisations and a scope which covered the whole of the Australian cotton industry, from input suppliers through to marketers. 

The agreed objective for the project was to develop ‘a shared vision that inspires and unifies the Australian cotton industry’ and a 20-year timeframe was chosen in order to stretch thinking beyond the short- term and ensure a longer-term strategic focus.A series of workshops, stakeholder surveys and scanning activities were undertaken to identify trends, assumptions and driving forces that would influence the industry future. Opportunities to contribute were broadly available to industry participants and provided very useful criticisms and suggestions.

Four scenarios were developed which identified the range of possible futures that the Australian cotton industry might face: Boom, Bust, Food Replaces Fibre, and Present Day Projection. From these scenarios the Vision 2029 for the Australian cotton industry was developed.

Vision 2029 - Australian cotton, carefully grown, naturally world’s best. 

By 2029 the Australian cotton industry will be: 

Differentiated - world leading supplier of an elite quality cotton that is highly sought in premium market segments. 
Responsible - producer and supplier of the most environmentally and socially responsible cotton on the globe. 
Tough - resilient and equipped for future challenges. 
Successful - exciting new levels of performance that transform productivity and profitability of every sector of the industry.
Respected - an industry recognised and valued by the wider community for its contribution to fibre and food needs of the world.
Capable - an industry that retains, attracts and develops highly capable people.

The Vision 2029 aims to reposition the industry in the global marketplace and help achieve superior industry performance which is underpinned by collaborative science, technology and the passion and innovative nature of people within the Australian cotton industry. 

For more information, please download the Vision 2029 fact sheet, or the Vision 2029 final report