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Corporate Publications

CRDC's corporate publications including our Strategic Plan, Annual Operational Plan and Annual Report.

CRDC Funding Agreement 2015-19

The partnership between Australian cotton growers and the Australian Government to co-invest in R&D through CRDC is formalised in this Funding Agreement, which covers the 2015-19 period. This Agreement between the Government and CRDC sets out expectations about CRDC's performance, transparency and accountability to levy-payers, the Government and the public. 

Download the CRDC Funding Agreement 2015-19.

CRDC Strategic RD&E Plan 2018-23

CRDC’s five-year Strategic RD&E Plan is the organisation’s key planning document. It is the compass that sets the direction for the organisation’s operations and investment in cotton RD&E, enabling the industry to achieve its long term vision and the Government to achieve its strategic RD&E priorities. 

CRDC's new five year plan - the Strategic RD&E Plan 2018-23 - will come into effect on 1 July 2018. 

Download the CRDC Strategic RD&E Plan 2018-23
Previous CRDC Strategic RD&E Plans are available at Inside Cotton.

CRDC Annual Operational Plan 2018-19

Under the CRDC’s five year Strategic RD&E Plan, CRDC establishes five Annual Operational Plans – each of which become the primary planning and implementation tool for the strategy for that year. While the Strategic RD&E Plan sets the overall vision and direction for the organisation, the Annual Operational Plan outlines how the goals will be achieved. The CRDC Annual Operational Plan for 2018-19 sets out the first year of operation under CRDC’s Strategic RD&E Plan 2018-23. 

Download the CRDC Annual Operational Plan 2018-19.
Previous Annual Operational Plans are available at Inside Cotton.

CRDC Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

The Monitoring and Evaluation Framework provides a tool by which CRDC can evaluate progress towards, and acheivement of, the stated outcomes detailed in the CRDC Strategic RD&E Plan. The Monitoring and Evaluation Framework aligned with the CRDC Strategic RD&E Plan 2018-23 will come into effect on 1 July 2018, and will be made available from this page. 

Annual Report 2016-17

In accordance with the Primary Industries Research and Development Act 1989 (PIRD Act) CRDC must present an Annual Report. The Report provides an overview of the CRDC’s governance, operations, achievements and financial statements for the 2016-17 period. 

Download the CRDC Annual Report.
Previous Annual Reports are available at Inside Cotton.

Indexed lists of CRDC files

CRDC provides access to an indexed list of the titles of all relevant files, including new parts of existing files, as required under the Standing Orders of the Senate.

The most recent indexed files can be downloaded here:
Indexed list of files - January to June 2018 - NIL to report
Index list of files July - December 2017

Senate Order on Entity Contracts 

Pursuant to the amended Senate Order, the attached table sets out contracts for procurement of goods, services, research services and contracts for services to be provided by CRDC which provide for consideration of $100,000 or more (including GST) which: 

  • (A) Have not been fully performed as at 30 June 2018; and/or 
  • (B) Have been entered into during the 12 months prior to 30 June 2018

CRDC contracts research, development and extension services through the CRDC Research Deed, Multi‐party Deeds and Co‐operative agreements or consultancy agreements which contain general commercial confidentiality provisions and may also provide for outputs to be confidential such as intellectual property.

Download the Senate Order on Agency Procurement Contracts for 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018.

CRDC Research Deed

The CRDC Research Deed is the formal agreement entered into by each researcher/organisation when they form a partnership CRDC.

Download the CRDC Research Deed.


Executive Remuneration Reporting

The Board reviews and approves the remuneration of senior executives annually in accordance with the PIRD Act. The Privacy Act 1988 limits the right to publish an individual's personal information. The following tables provide the average remuneration.

Table A: Average annual reportable remuneration paid to substantive executives

NO. OF EMPLOYEES Average reportable salary*
3 $218,938

* Average reportable salary includes gross salary, employer superannuation, and reportable fringe benefits. There were no allowances or bonuses paid in the period.

Table B: Other highly paid staff