2018 Grower Survey: have your say! (4 June 2018)

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The annual CRDC Cotton Grower Survey is now open, and all cotton growers are invited to have their say.

Growers and farm managers will receive an invitation this week to participate. For growers with an email address on file with CRDC, you’ll receive an email invitation to participate – simply click on the link to provide your feedback. For growers without an email on file. we’ll be contacting you via phone.

This year’s survey looks at your 2017-18 crop and seeks your thoughts on a range of topics, including: irrigation and water quality; insect, pest and weed control; spray drift impacts; nutrition management; energy use efficiency; and the uptake and impact of technology and automation. It will take around 20 minutes to complete, and will provide valuable information to CRDC about the industry, on-farm practices, and priority areas for future research.

The survey is conducted by professional researchers, Intuitive Solutions. Importantly, the information collected remains confidential, and only aggregated, anonymous information is passed on to CRDC. The results are published annually via a new interactive digital dashboard, which allows you to compare the results from your valley against all growers, and via a downloadable PDF report.

For more information on this year's survey, or to access last year's dashboard or report, click here